Instant Incentives™ CSR FAQ

Program Overview

What is Instant Incentives?

Instant Incentives is a reward program (“Program”) created specifically for individual licensed and appointed insurance producers (“Licensed Producers”) who issue qualifying Safeco personal lines insurance policies (“Qualifying Policies”). Within the Program, Safeco administers individual incentive campaigns (“Campaign”) that are associated with specific Safeco business initiatives. We pay cash via PayPal with each Qualifying Policy issued and spun for during the Campaign period.

How can I participate?

A limited number of agencies are selected to participate in each Campaign. Contact your territory manager for more information on how to participate.

How does it work?

There are 3 Steps:

Step 1 - New participants enroll via the Safeco Instant Incentives website ("Site") with the enrollment code provided by your territory manager. Once you enroll you will receive a personal cash code via email. If you do not already have a PayPal account, follow the steps to register for an account at Once your PayPal account is established and you have accepted the terms and conditions of PayPal, you will be able to receive rewards from the In$tant Incentives program.

Step 2 - Enter your personal cash code in the Producer field of the application each time you quote a new Qualifying Policy. You will receive the opportunity to spin for a reward for each Qualifying Policy you issue.

Step 3 - Log into the Site to spin for reward(s) on the home page of your account. The money you earn is immediately transferred to your PayPal account.


******Please Note:  All campaign activity - including quotes and issues - will be removed from your account 30 days after a campaign ends. After this time, you will be unable to spin for past rewards. Please be sure to spin for your reward upon issuing the policy.

Campaign Specifics

What campaign am I enrolled in?

Please login to view details about your enrollment.

How do I receive my rewards?

When you enroll in the Program, you'll set up a PayPal account at After clicking the "spin" button next to the Qualifying Policies in your account, all rewards will be sent to the associated PayPal account.



How do I enroll?

1. Go to and enter your enrollment code. If you haven't received an enrollment code, contact your territory manager.
2. Fill out the enrollment form.
3. Enter your preferred login email address and choose a password.
4. Enter your personal PayPal account email address. Rewards earned through Instant Incentives will be deposited in this PayPal account.
5. You will receive an email from with your own personal cash code.

I've participated in a personal lines Instant Incentives campaign in the past. Do I need to enroll again?

No, you don't need to enroll again if you are at the same agency of your initial enrollment, as your Instant Incentives account and cash code will be automatically activated with the agency’s activation. However, if you have changed agencies and your new agency is participating in a Campaign, please contact and advise that you have switched agencies. Your old cash code will be deactivated and you will need to register for a cash code that is specific to your new agency.

Can I use the same cash code to earn rewards in commercial lines programs?

Personal lines Instant Incentives is separate from commercial lines Instant Incentives programs. Cash codes cannot be used interchangeably between programs. If you've been invited to participate in a commercial lines incentive program, you will need to enroll separately using a different login email address to receive a commercial lines-specific cash code. Contact your territory manager if you need assistance.

Submitting Qualifying Policies

Which quote and issue system should I use?

Each Campaign has specific information about which system you should use and how it knows which transactions you submit.

Why isn't a policy I issued showing up in my Instant Incentives account?

A cash code must be entered in the Producer Field on the application in order to be eligible for reward. Once you have entered your cash code, make sure it does not contain additional spaces or characters. For example, submitting a policy with your name or agent number in the Producer field will be ineligible for a reward.

Receiving Payments through PayPal

Do I need a PayPal Account?

PayPal is the only means of payment used by Safeco for this Program. Therefore, you must have a PayPal account to participate in Instant Incentives. You can use an existing PayPal account or set up a new one by going to

Tell me more about PayPal.

PayPal is a fast and secure way to get paid online. This service allows members to send and receive money without sharing financial information. When establishing a new account, it is important to confirm your account with PayPal. If this step is missed, rewards will remain in a pending status and not be available to you.

Why aren’t my rewards showing in my PayPal account?

There are three common reasons rewards do not show in PayPal:

1. The tax information in your In$tant Incentives account profile is incomplete or not correct.

a. To update or add tax information, login to your Instant Incentives account, click "Edit my Info" and complete the required fields.

2. Your PayPal email address has not been confirmed.

a. Until you confirm your email address in PayPal, your In$tant Incentive rewards will not appear in PayPal. PayPal returns any unclaimed rewards to Safeco after 30 days, so be sure to complete this step as soon as possible.

3. PayPal’s Electronic Communications Delivery Policy has not been agreed to (this is found in your PayPal account)

a. Log in to your PayPal account. If you haven’t yet completed this agreement, you’ll see a notice at the top of the page asking you to accept this policy. If the notice appears, check the box and click "Agree and Continue."

How do I withdraw my earnings from my PayPal account?

To access your rewards, sign in to your PayPal account and navigate to “My Accounts”. Select “Withdraw Money” and choose between the following options:

- Link your bank account (recommended);

- Request a check ($1.50 fee assessed to requestor);

- Purchase a PayPal prepaid card for a $4.95/month maintenance fee.

You can initiate the request anytime and in any manner when you want to access your rewards, but remember that you must claim each reward within 30 days of spinning for it.

I have specific questions relating to my PayPal account

While we are able to confirm whether rewards have been sent to your account, we are limited in our ability to assist with questions related directly to your PayPal account.


For questions relating to your PayPal account beyond our scope of knowledge, contact the PayPal customer service number directly at 1-888-221-1161 or use the comprehensive help section on the PayPal website at


How can I change the PayPal account my rewards are sent to?

Account information, including your PayPal account, can be changed by clicking "Edit my info" at the top of the Instant Incentives website.

 If you need to change the PayPal account where your rewards are sent, enter the new PayPal email address in the "PayPal ID" field and click the "update" button.

After spinning, how long do I have to claim my rewards in PayPal?

After spinning for an issued policy, you have 30 days to log in to PayPal to claim the reward. If you do not claim the funds in your PayPal account within that period of time, Instant Incentives will not be able to re-issue the payment to your account.

Tax Information

How can I track how much I've earned?

After you've signed into Instant Incentives™ check the "My Account Summary" page to see your activity and the amounts rewarded.

Do you need to collect my personal information?

All rewards earned and claimed through the Program are reported as taxable income under the Social Security Number that you provide to PayPal.

Licensed Producers must have a valid Social Security Number and are responsible for the entire balance of their earned and claimed rewards as well as taxes that may result from that balance. You are prohibited from providing your agency tax ID number or the SSN of another individual in lieu of your own tax information.

Your home address is required in order to earn rewards. If you do not supply it, your account will freeze after spinning for your first reward. At that time, you will receive an email requesting your address. Funds can only be released into your PayPal account once this information is received.

Will I receive a 1099 form for my earnings?

PayPal issues 1099 forms. Additional information is available at

If you have questions regarding your 1099 form, please consult your tax advisor for further information.

Legal Information

I'm an agency principal - can I participate?

This Program is designed for Licensed Producers who quote and sell Safeco insurance products.

We would like to use one Instant Incentives account and share our reward money - can we do that?

Instant Incentives is intended to reward Licensed Producers, and each participant must sign up for and use his/her own unique cash code. The Licensed Producer is responsible for the entire balance of his/her account and for any taxes that may result from that balance. An agency entity is prohibited from using rewards earned by individual employees for tax reporting purposes.

If more than one participant is using the same PayPal account (pooling), the agency's participation in the Program will be terminated.

We recognize that Instant Incentives is not a good fit for every agency. We offer alternative incentive programs, which may work better for you. Please contact your territory manager for more information.

Unanswered Questions

What if I have more questions?

For additional questions, contact your territory manager.

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